Signs Of Trouble, Part 2

| Colorado, USA | Working | January 10, 2013

(I’m staffed as an extra at a cafe so I can fill orders for the lunch rush. I notice one of my coworkers talking abnormally loud to a customer.)


(The customer, an elderly gentleman, looks confused and makes a gesture, asking for pen and paper. I quickly give someone their bagel and return to focus on my coworker and the customer. He holds up the paper after writing.)

Coworker: “WE…” *waves hands to indicate the staff* “…NO HAVE…” *points to paper* “…THAT TODAY. NO!” *waves his hands in an X motion*

(The customer cocks his head and looks rather confused and upset. I turn to the elderly man and start to sign.)

Me: *signing* “Excuse me, are you deaf?”

(Visibly relieved, he signs back.)

Customer: *signing* “Yes, yes I am. I was wanting a [sandwich].”

Me: *signing* “We ran out of that maybe an hour ago; I’m really sorry. Is there another sandwich I can get you? Anything else?”

Customer: *signing* “Well, perhaps I’ll have the Chicken Caesar instead.”

Me: *to my coworker* “Go help Lauren.” *signing to the customer* “So, one Chicken Caesar sandwich… anything else? Coffee?”

Customer: *signing* “Oh no, thank you; I have some. I didn’t know anyone here could sign! How long have you studied?”

Me: *signing* “About a year. I’m still learning, so I’m sorry for all of the fingerspelling! ”

(The customer and I have a lovely chat. He helps correct a few of my signs, and I gave him a free cookie. Later on, I’m speaking with my coworker.)

Me: “You know I could sign. Why didn’t you come grab me?”

Coworker: “I thought he’d understand if I shouted loud enough!”

(The customer leaves, but not before giving me a sweet smile and waving. He came in several more times with a piece of paper with my name on it so my coworkers could come grab me. Unfortunately, I was told he stopped frequenting the store after I left.)


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What The Health Is Their Problem

| Sydney, Australia | Working | January 10, 2013

Operator: “Hello, my name is [name]. How can I help you with your inquires with [company] today?”

Me: “I was actually given wrong information by your department for my public transport cone coin card. I was told it was fine to use my health care card to show I was entitled to concession fare, but apparently that’s not true I’ve been hit with a $200 fine. I’d like to see about applying for a concession card and help with getting the fine waived as I was provided incorrect information.”

Operator: “But you just need to show your health care card. That’s enough.”

Me: “I’m sorry, but it isn’t. There’s a $200 fine here that disagrees with you.”

Operator: “But the health care card shows you are entitled to concession fare.”

Me: “That’s what I was told and I was still fined. I’ve spoken to the rail company. They said that the health care card wasn’t enough.”

Operator: “Obviously, they have no idea what they’re talking about!”

Me: “There’s also a pamphlet by your organisation that explains this. Apparently, the health care card is good for concession in every other state but mine.”

Operator: “But the health care card is…” *sighs* “What do you want ME to do about it?!”

Me: “I need to apply for the concession card and I need help getting this fine waived as it was provided with wrong information.”

Operator: “It might be easier if you just paid it. You must have been doing something wrong.”

Me: “$200 is half my fortnightly payment. I can’t afford that, and I’m not inclined to pay it as I was given it based on wrong information given by your organisation.”

Operator: “You’re not being very helpful here. There’s nothing I can do if you’re not helpful!” *hangs up*


This Barista’s A Character

| Rhode Island, USA | Working | January 10, 2013

(I am a regular at a well-known coffee chain, which is known for writing customers’ names on their cups. I have just ordered a drink.)

Barista: “Can I have your name, please?”

Me: “Sure, it’s Demitri.”

Barista: “And how is that spelled?”

Me: “Spell it however you want; it’s not my real name.”

Barista: *laughs* “Okay!”

(When I got my drink, she had spelled my name “Demivowloxtq7bdf%tri.”)

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Her Prized Obsession

| Washington, DC, USA | Working | January 10, 2013

(Our boss has tasked us with asking customers to sign up for reward cards. If we do, the one who gets the most to sign-ups gets a prize. I don’t care if I win, so I decide to ask only if I feel like it. However, my other coworkers are very competitive.)

Customer: “Can I make my payment, please?”

Me: “Of course you may.” *gives total* “Thank you very much. Would you like to sign up for this?” *explains reward card*

Customer: “Uh, sure! Of course!”

Me: “Great!”

Aggressive Coworker: *to me* “What the H*** is going on here?!”

Me: “This lady is just signing up for the rewards program.”

Aggressive Coworker: “Bulls***! I spent THIRTY MINUTES helping her out, and YOU get the rewards! That’s CRAP!”

(Other coworkers and customers turn to stare. Meanwhile, the customer I’ve helped is clearly uncomfortable with my coworker, and is hurriedly trying to fill out the rewards form.)

Me: “Uh well, all you had to do was ask her, you know.”

Aggressive Coworker: “Doesn’t matter! I think I should get counted for this signup instead of you, because I spent so much time with her!”

(My aggressive coworker SLAPS the customer with back of the hand on her arm.)

Aggressive Coworker: “Didn’t I, lady?!”

Customer: “….Sure.”

(My customer finishes, throws the form at me, and practically runs out the door.)

Aggressive Coworker: “See! So, gimme what I earned! Or ELSE!”

(I decide to just let my coworker have it so she doesn’t continue scaring everyone. Later, I complain to the manager about her behavior, but I get blamed for starting a fight. I promptly quit. Much later, I ran into the aggressive coworker in the supermarket. Turns out, she been fired for being caught watching adult movies on the company’s computer!)

From The Hunter To The Hunted

| Wisconsin, USA | Working | January 9, 2013

(I am a short, 23-year-old female and am shopping at a hunting store for some supplies for a hunting trip. I come up to the register, where the cashier is a 20-something guy.)

Cashier: “Doing some shopping for your husband, huh?”

Me: “Nope, this is for me.”

Cashier: “Are you kidding me? You’re a girl!”

(He proceeds to make additional sexist comments, bringing me close to tears. Suddenly, an elderly lady pipes up behind me.)

Elderly Lady: *to the cashier* “You’re absolutely right! It’s barbaric, having a girl hunt! I want to speak to your manager, and let him know what fine employees he has.” *to me* “You stay, too.”

(The cashier shoots me a smug look and summons his manager. I’m extremely upset at this point, but manage to keep it together.)

Manager: “Yes?”

Elderly Lady: “I just want to say what an absolute idiot this cashier is. He made several sexist comments to this young lady, and treated her extremely rudely. His behavior is unacceptable.”

Manager: *to the cashier* “Is this true?”

Cashier: “She deserved it! Women shouldn’t be allowed in the store!”

Manager: “Get out. You’re fired.” *to us* “Would you ladies like some free gifts?”

Cashier: *shoots us all a dirty look and begins to walk away*

Elderly Lady: “That’s right, motherf***er!”

(I burst out laughing; she looked so sweet! After thanking her profusely, I left the shop with some free gifts and a smile on my face!)

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