Getting Them To Understand Is Like Pulling Teeth

| New York, USA | Working | December 22, 2012

(I’ve just found out from my dentist that I need all four of my wisdom teeth pulled. I schedule an appointment for the next week and then rush over to the store where I work. The assistant manager happens to make her weekly schedule this week and gets very angry if people try to take time off after she posts it.)

Me: “Have you posted the schedule yet for next week?”

Assistant Manager: “No, why?”

Me: “I just found out I need all of my wisdom teeth removed. My surgery is scheduled for next week. They said recovery time is at most a full week so just to be on the safe side I’d rather not come in all of next week.”

Assistant Manager: “Well, it’s too late! I’ve already figured out the schedule in my head!”

Me: “But it isn’t posted yet. I apologize for the short notice, but I just found out an hour ago that this was happening.”

Assistant Manager: “It isn’t even that big of a deal! Seriously, you’ll be able to work an hour after surgery! You will be able to come in next week; your doctor lied.”

Me: “Um… please don’t schedule me to work. My face is going to be all swollen and I’ll be on strong pain medication. I will not be able to come in next week! And are you really going to have me come in a few hours after surgery?!”

Assistant Manager: “Yes! There is no ‘recovery time.’ You’ll be able to work right away. And it’s too bad… I’ve already made the schedule!”

(My assistant manager storms off, leaving me stunned. Another coworker overhears the entire conversation and immediately offers to cover any shifts that I get scheduled for. The best part: the assistant manager got all four wisdom teeth pulled a month earlier, and she took over two weeks off to recover!)

A Bad Sign

, | Canada | Working | December 21, 2012

(I notice that the muffin type that I want is all sold out. However, there is a sign in the space saying that a fresh batch is being made.)

Me: “Hi, can I have a medium cappuccino and a fruit muffin, please?”

Cashier: “Oh, it looks like we’re all sold out!

Me: “The sign says you’re making a fresh batch. It’s no problem; I don’t mind waiting.”

Cashier: “Okay, I’ll just go see how much longer they’re going to be…”

(She goes into the back to talk with her manager. I can hear them talking.)

Manager: “No, we’re done making those for the day.”

Cashier: “Oh, okay. Should I remove the sign saying we’re baking more?”

Manager: “No! Leave the sign there.”

Cashier: “But… we’re not making more.”

Manager: “Leave the sign there.”

(The cashier comes back to me.)

Cashier: “We’re not making anymore. Can I substitute it for another muffin?”

Me: “I don’t really like any of the other ones. Can I get a refund?”

Cashier: “Sure, just a second…”

Me: “You probably shouldn’t have a sign saying you’re making more if you aren’t. I wouldn’t have ordered on if there was no sign there.”

(The cashier gets her manager to refund my muffin, but the manager refunds my entire purchase instead.)

Me: “I need to pay for my cappuccino now.”

Cashier: “Pardon?”

Me: “She refunded everything instead of just the muffin. I still need to pay for my drink.”

Cashier: *sighs* “Just go on, honey.”

Me: “I’m so sorry.”

Cashier: “It’s okay, have a nice day!”

(As I leave, I see the cashier remove the sign and toss it under the counter.)

Defining Moments

| NY, USA | Working | December 21, 2012

(I have just started a new job, and my coworkers and I have been tasked with signing up as many people as possible for our company’s loyalty card. I’m discussing my success, or lack thereof, with the coworker nearest me.)

Me: “Look! I got five people to sign up!”

Coworker: “Look how many I got!”

(She fans out all her slips; there’s at least a dozen.)

Me: “You got so many! You’re just very charismatic.”

Coworker: “…Does that mean like a b****?”

(She’s a wonderful person… she just could really use a dictionary!)

In Need Of Better High-ring Standards

| UK | Working | December 21, 2012

(I’m the room leader and am talking to a coworker. This happens during shift when we are in the room with the children.)

Me: “Did you have a good weekend, [coworker]?”

Coworker: “Yeah, I went out drinking with some friends last night. I was wasted!”

Me: “You were drinking last night?”

Coworker: “Yeah. I also didn’t feel like I was buzzing enough, so I mixed my alcohol with some [strong painkillers] and THEN I had a good time!”

Me: *stunned* “…And now you’re in work, responsible for other peoples’ children when there’s a chance you’re not only still drunk but high, too?!”

Coworker: “I feel fine! You worry too much.”

(I reported her that day and she was put on report. However, she handed her notice in the next week stating we were “too strict.”)

Exceeding Expecations

| Working | December 21, 2012


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