Some Bosses Just Don’t Know When To Quit

| Virginia, USA | Working | April 11, 2013

(About two weeks ago, my boss fired half of her four person work crew for no reason. Another employee and I quit because of her manipulative behavior. It’s right before a busy time of year, and she has to hire an entirely new work force and train them. After I’ve quit, I’m surprised to get a text from her one day.)

Boss: “Hi there. Finished interviews. Amazing new folks and so talented. I feel so blessed to have a new, professional, talented, educated, capable and competent team.”

(I don’t know why she’s telling me this, but okay, great, she has a new team. The next day, when she’s having them come in to work for the very first time, I get this text.)

Boss: “Hey. Am I out of [inventory item]? Also do you know where the [specific] stamp is for the smaller tags?”

(I text back.)

Me: “[Boss’s name], I don’t work for you anymore. I’m sure you and your professional, talented, educated, capable and competent new crew can find them.”

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From Open Wide To Open Lied

| Toronto, ON, Canada | Working | April 11, 2013

(I’m calling my dentist’s office prior to the Easter Weekend.)

Me: “Will you be open on Monday, even though it’s Easter Monday?”

Receptionist: “Yes, we will be open!”

Me: “So I can come in to see the dentist about my tooth?”

Receptionist: “Yes!”

(On Easter Monday…)

Me: “I’m here to see the dentist.”

Receptionist: “Oh, I’m sorry. The dentist and hygienists all have today off. It’s Easter Monday, you know!”

Me: “But when I spoke to you last week and said I wanted to see the dentist, you said you would be open and that I would be able to see him!”

Receptionist: “We ARE open! I’M here doing paperwork.”

Me: *speechless*

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You Don’t Want To Be In This Employee’s Shoes

| San Diego, CA, USA | Working | April 11, 2013

(I am at a high-end department store looking at shoes. I am being helped by an employee when, in the middle of our conversation, he walks off to talk to a coworker.)

Employee: *to a coworker* “I hate wasting my time on customers who aren’t going to buy. Look at her! There’s no way she can afford these shoes!”

(Note: I’m in sweatpants, but I’m carrying an expensive purse, keys to an expensive car, and wearing an expensive watch.)

Me: “Excuse me; can you come here for a moment?”

Employee: “Seriously? Fine.”

Me: “I just wanted to let you know that, if you’re going to talk about your customers, you should at least do it quietly. I know that, because I’m young, you assume that I can’t afford this stuff but if you had taken a second to pay attention to me, you probably would’ve seen that I can obviously afford these shoes. That being said, you should treat all of your customers equally well whether you think they can afford your merchandise or not. I don’t care if a homeless person walks in and enquires about your most expensive item, you should treat that person just as well as anyone else. Now I’m taking my business somewhere where they’ll treat me nicely.”

(I walk away, leaving the employee looking dumbfounded.)

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Not Seeing Eye To Eye, Part 2

| Oregon, USA | Working | April 11, 2013

(I’m at the store near my house, buying a six-pack of beer. I’m partially blind, but know my neighborhood well, and buy my beer/soda/snacks there regularly. This day, there is a new clerk.)

Clerk: “I’ll need to see your driver’s license for the beer, please.”

Me: “Sure thing, boss!”

(I hand over my state issued ID, which is different from a driver’s license.)

Clerk: “This isn’t a driver’s license. You said you had a driver’s license.”

Me: “This is a state issued ID. It functions exactly like a driver’s license for most purposes, except for driving.”

Clerk: “So, you’re a drunk driver, and they took your driver’s license away? I shouldn’t be selling beer to an alcoholic.”

Me: “No, I never had a driver’s license. I’m blind, I can’t drive.”

Clerk: “…because they took your license away. I don’t think I should sell this to you. You’ll wind up killing someone, and it’ll be my fault.”

(By this time, the owner realizes what’s going on and speaks up.)

Owner: “Just sell [my name] the **** beer!”


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Deployments Are Like Annoying Co-Workers

| Working | April 11, 2013


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