Bad Customer Service Can Be A Chain Reaction

| New Brunswick, Canada | Working | December 20, 2012

Hotel Guest: “Where might I get something to eat nearby?”

Me: “There are [some nearby restaurants], or if you prefer, there is a mall nearby with a pretty good food court.”

Hotel Guest: “Is there a [fast food chain]?”

Me: “Yes, on [nearby street].”

Hotel Guest: “Oh, do you ever recommend them?”

Me: “No, not unless a guest asks for them specifically.”

Hotel Guest: “May I ask why not?”

Me: “Certainly. I was a customer there some time ago and I had a really bad experience. The staff were quite rude to me, so I don’t really like to recommend to our guests that they go there.”

Hotel Guest: “I see. I’m the district manager of [fast food chain] and I sincerely apologize that you didn’t have a good experience. Here are two vouchers for you and your coworker for a free meal. I hope you’ll try us again. We’ve just hired a new manager and staff, so I hope your next experience with us will be better!”

(I did use the voucher, and my next dining experience was much better!)

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Pay On A Happy Face

| Virginia, USA | Working | December 20, 2012

(I’ve had a crush on a barista for months now. She’s usually really busy, but always has a laugh or a smile for me, so I had the feeling she maybe liked me back. I’ve been trying to work up the courage to ask her out. I think things are finally coming up my way when I see her at the supermarket.)

Me: “Hey, you! You look nice out of your uniform!”

Her: “Yeah… here’s the deal: if I’m not getting paid to be nice to you, I don’t want to talk to you. I don’t have the energy for this.”

Me: *speechless*

Her: “See ya tomorrow!”

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It’s Subset-ting When People Don’t Listen

| Lexington, KY, USA | Working | December 20, 2012

Employee: “Hi, how can I help you today?”

Me: “Hey, I have a question on my account, but I don’t have my account number. Can you pull it up with any other information?”

Employee: “Sure! Can I get your social security number?”

Me: “Yes, it’s [number].”

Employee: “Alright, [my name]? For security purposes I just need you to verify the last four digits of your social.”

Me: *repeats last four digits*

Employee: “Thank you—oh my god, I just heard myself. I’m just so used to it!”

Not The Best Way To Staph-e Off Infection

| Connecticut, USA | Working | December 20, 2012

(I have recently developed a very bad reaction to poison ivy. My mother takes me to the doctor to verify that this is definitely what the rash is.)

Nurse: “Alright, let me see what you’ve got there.”

Me: *hold out my arm*

Nurse: “Wow, I’ve never seen a reaction this bad!”

Mom: *points* “You touched one.”

(My nurse looks horrified and all but runs from the room. My regular doctor enters a while later.)

Doctor: “I was told you had a really bad rash. Let me take a look…”

(After examining my rash, she proceeds to call in another doctor, and then to take multiple pictures of the rash because she’s never seen one quite so bad. She then declares that she’ll have to pop one to get it tested for staph.)

Me: “Isn’t staph deadly?”

(My doctor immediately turns pale, as though she didn’t expect me to know this.)

Doctor: “Oh, well… there’s a 99% chance that it isn’t staph.”

Me: “But what if it is?”

Doctor: “It probably isn’t. Let me see your arm now…”

(She proceeds to take my arm and jab a needle into part of the rash while I look away, nauseated. The doctor apparently feels bad for herself for having to even look at the rash, because she comes out with this.)

Doctor: “Wow, aren’t you glad you aren’t me right now?”

Me: “I’m a little sorry that I’m ME right now!”

(It wasn’t staph, but I’ve won the family award for the worst doctor’s visit and worst allergic reaction!)

Change For Change’s Sake

| Working | December 19, 2012

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