Working Here Is A Flight Of Fancy

| Oxnard, CA, USA | Working | January 17, 2013

(I am employed full-time by a major manufacturer of aircraft and weapons for the government as an R&D engineer, and hold a degree in Aerospace Engineering. I still work part time for a video game store near a military base because I enjoy the job and the discounts. I worked as a manager with them through college, so I know the details rather well. One day, a prospective employee comes in with his job application.)

Me: *looks at his application* “Sir, I see you didn’t fill out this section detailing what offense you were convicted of. You said you have been convicted of a felony, so we require a description of the charge. This doesn’t bar you from employment, but corporate requires this.”

Prospective Employee: “I said in the application that I would discuss it in an interview.”

Me: “I see that; however, without knowing the charge, we cannot conduct an interview.”

Prospective Employee: “I’ll discuss it in an interview!”

(This goes around in circles for a few minutes before a line begins to form behind him.)

Me: “Sir, I’m sorry, but without this information we cannot conduct an initial interview. If you would just list the charge, you can explain the situation in an interview.”

(We circle a couple more times as the customer gets increasingly belligerent.)

Prospective Employee: “Well, f*** you! I don’t want to work here anyway! My job is way more important than anything you’ll ever do! I’m an aircraft controller for the Navy!”

(I’ve had enough, and snap back at the customer.)

Me: “I actually work for Lockheed Martin as a R&D lead designing and building the aircraft you land. Without me, you wouldn’t even have a job!”

(The prospective employee leaves flustered and red faced, still muttering under his breath. Before disposing of his application, my manager sees it and laughs: apparently, this job applicant was known for belittling employees every time he applied, and seemed to feel entitled to a job.)

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