Working Here Can Be Magical

| Working | June 1, 2014

(At the call center where I work certain times of the year are known for being very slow, having long ready times between calls, and not much work to do. Additionally, my coworkers and I are all well established nerds. As a result, weekends during this time of year tend to be relaxed and some of us bring in games and things to play with while we’re waiting for calls.)

Me: “So I tap three mountains and counter your move.”

Coworker: “Fine. I tap an island, and play this. Discard three off the top of your deck.”

Supervisor: *suddenly stands up and looks over at us wide eyed* “Are you two seriously playing Magic: The Gathering on the call floor?”

Coworker: “Yep. You want in?  I got a green deck and a black deck left.”

Supervisor: “You know you can’t… Wait, is that a new deck?”

(He didn’t come play with us, but did stand around at our desks for almost an hour watching the game.)

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