Worked Out For You Late-ely

, , , | Working | July 25, 2018

(In my manager’s defense, I have been late three times in the last two months. I wake up with ten minutes to get into work; it is a forty minute walk. I call in to work.)

Me: “Hello, it’s [My Name]. I—”

Manager: “Look, [My Name]… If you’re going to be late again, just don’t bother coming in.”

Me: “Okay.”

(The next time I come into work, the store manager calls me into the office. She gives me a verbal warning for not turning up for my shift. I explain what happened and recount the conversation. She calls the manager into the office.)

Store Manager: “Did you tell [My Name] not to come in?”

Manager: “Well… Yes, but I didn’t think he’d take it seriously.”

(I got away with it and the manager got in trouble. A lucky escape.)

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