Work Until Breaking Point

| Working | December 30, 2013

(I work for a major auto company. We deal with quality. When a problem is serious, we are handed a dossier in an orange folder in order to fix it. This day, [Coworker #1] is handed not one, but THREE. She also happens to be notoriously lazy and whiny. It is about four days before Christmas break.)

Coworker #2: *puts the folders on [Coworker #1]’s desk*

Coworker #1: “What? Seriously?”

Coworker #2: “Yep. These are all your responsibility. You need to close them before Christmas break.”

Coworker #1: “Oh, come on! What about the Christmas spirit? You can’t do this to me!”

(I notice our boss is staring with a grin on his face.)

Me: “Dude, I’m not sure whether you are enjoying this or suffering through it…”

Boss: “Yeah, man. It’s hard to tell…”

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