Wood You Please Back Off?

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My father calls me after I get off of work and asks me to meet him at the improvement store to help him load the wood he needs for the deck onto his trailer. We are waiting in the cashier line. There is an electric crew working on one of the hanging lights with a lift on the X where we’re supposed to stand, so we are slightly to the right of that X.

A customer behind us about three feet away talks to her husband loud enough for us to hear.

Customer: “I just don’t understand why people can’t follow simple rules; there is an X for a reason.” 

My dad is slightly deaf in one ear so he can’t hear what the customer is saying to her husband. I roll my eyes and ignore it.

Customer: “I don’t get it. Are people stupid? The X helps us to stay six feet apart.” 

I bite my tongue once more and slowly begin to take off my employee lanyard with my name on it. Luckily, we are next to cash out and are called the self-service checkout machine. As soon as I insert my card for payment, the customer’s husband walks up right next to me, inches from me, and starts putting his stuff down. 

Me: “Excuse me. Can you wait six feet back at the appropriate X that your wife was constantly b****ing about, that we weren’t standing at due the electrical crew that is trying to fix the light fixtures?”  

He is stunned and turns and glares at his wife as she sheepishly hides behind him. He moves back a couple of feet until I am done with my transaction.

Wife: “I mean, the X is to protect us.” 

Me: “F*** off.”

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