Won’t Take This Sitting Down

| Friendly | March 8, 2017

(I am a young woman sitting on a bench reading a book while waiting to take the bus home. As I read, a young man with a bike sits next to me, with his bike blocking the middle of the bench. After a few minutes, an older man approaches.)

Man: “Could she sit down?” *gesturing to an older woman with a cast on her foot and cane*

Me: “Of course! I am so sorry, ma’am. I didn’t see you or I would have gotten up sooner!”

Man: “She has been waiting for you to move for quite some time!”

Me: *once again addressing the woman* “I am sorry, ma’am. Please feel free to ask me to move next time. I’m sorry!”

(I am somewhat distressed at this point as there is a crowd waiting for the bus and while the woman is silent, the older man is getting visibly angry. The young man with the bike has also gotten up and moved away.)

Man: “Just walk away!”

(Shocked by this remark I stepped to the back of the sidewalk and continued reading, but cannot understand how he felt the need to admonish me and not my male counterpart, or to not accept any of my apologies!)

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