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Won’t Take This Baby-Sitting Down

, , , | Related | April 30, 2018

(I work part-time at a diner and I also babysit — not at the same time, obviously! One day while I’m working, I notice two boys I babysit, aged six and eight respectively, that live with their father in another town and spend their weekends with their mother.)

Me: “Hi, guys. Where’s your mother?”

Eight-Year-Old: “Shopping with her friends.”

Six-Year-Old: “She said you’ll watch over us.”

(I knew the mother was a little off but this takes the cake.)

Me: *sigh* “You little rascals go sit in a booth. I’ll bring you some snacks after I call your father, okay?”

(The boys nod and head to a booth within my visual area. I tell my boss what happened and then call the father.)

Me: “Hello, Mr. [Father], sorry to bother you at work, but your ex-wife dropped off your sons at my workplace while she went shopping.”

Father: “WHAT?! Oh, that woman’s going to get a piece of my mind.”

(I heard the phone being slammed and some muffled swearing. He arrived 45 minutes later to pick up the boys. They no longer spent their weekends with their mother after that.)

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