Won’t Stop Her Potty Mouth

| Learning | December 30, 2015

(I’m teaching a Sunday school class for a group of children ages 4-7. We are talking about different ways we can be kind to our family members by doing acts of service for them.)

Little Boy #1: “I can share my toys with my little brother!”

Little Boy #2: “I can help my mom clean up!”

(Then one of my youngest students, Little Girl #1, speaks up. She is a real creative thinker and always has something unexpected to say…)

Little Girl #1: “I can listen to what my parents say…”

Me: “Yes, good example! It’s—”

Little Girl #1: “…when they ask me to go potty!”

(All the older children start laughing.)

Little Girl #1: *still going* “Especially when they ask me to go potty all by myself!”

Me: *trying to get her to wrap it up, so the whole class doesn’t get too distracted* “I’m sure your parents appreciate it—”

Little Girl #1: *still going* “Just like I did yesterday! I went to the potty all by myself!”

Me: “That’s great—”

Little Girl #1: *still going* “And again today! This morning I went to the potty all by myself without mommy even telling me to!”

(All the children are now laughing hysterically, mostly not in a mocking way, just because the little girl is so adorable and doesn’t know when to stop talking.)

Me: “Thank you, [Little Girl #1].” *to the class* “As [Little Girl #1] has reminded us, there are lots and LOTS of different ways to show our families we love them!”

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