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Won’t Shrimp Away From This Challenge

| Friendly | August 14, 2016

(I’m out eating sushi with my friend and her sister. We’re almost done with our meal.)

Sister: “[Friend], do you want this nigiri?”

Friend: “No, I’m full. I can’t eat anymore.”

Sister: “[My Name], do you want it?”

Me: “No, you can have it.”

Sister: “But I don’t want the rice. Just the shrimp on top.”

Me: “I don’t even like shrimp, so it’s fine.”

Sister: “It’s okay that I’m not eating the whole thing?”

Me: “Of course! Eat it!”

Sister: “You’re sure?”

(She’s very hesitant, but she slowly brings the shrimp to her mouth, watching my expression. I smile and nod, encouraging her to eat it, so she finally does.)

Me: “[Sister], how could you be so SHELLFISH?”

Friend & Sister: “[My Name]!”

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