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Won’t Lose Any Sleep About Letting Them Go

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(Our store has a huge storage and dock area which is run very efficiently by one man. Even after being diagnosed with cancer, this man works as much as he can. It’s decided that we will employ another staff member to help him so that he won’t have to worry about the work falling behind, while he takes a couple of weeks off for more treatment. It’s not even the end of the first week when we need to get something from a storage area that only has two keys; the store manager has one, and the dockman has the other.)

Coworker #1: “Has anyone seen the new guy from the dock? I need to get into [room].”

Coworker #2: “No, haven’t seen him. Is he on a break?”

Me: “He shouldn’t be on a break yet; it’s not even ten am. I’ll let [Store Manager] know you need her to open the room.”

(I give the message to her and take over what she is doing. Not long later I see her walking to the front door with the new guy, who is carrying his bag, before she comes back to me.)

Store Manager: “Can you stay here until I can get someone else to come in? I have to work the dock today.”

Me: “What happened?”

Store Manager: “[New Guy] just quit, after I found him sound asleep in [room]. He thought he had the only key, and then he tried telling me that the job was too much for one person. I told him that if it’s not too much for a sixty-year-old man with cancer then it’s not too much work for a healthy twenty-year-old. He quit before I had the chance to fire him.”

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