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Won’t Like The Shape Of Things To Come

| Learning | June 27, 2016

(I tutor kids between 8-13 years old. A boy needs help with math, and they are learning perimeters. The first word-problem is basically asking how far would he have walked if he walk around a path in the shape of a square. I show him how to do that.)

Me: “Okay, did you understand the concept and how to answer the questions?”

Boy: “Yes.”

Me: *I want to check he understood so I ask* “Before we answer the next question, what would the answer be if instead of a square, the path is in the shape of a rectangle?” *I drew a rectangle*

Boy: “I don’t know! This is so hard!”

(I teach him how to do it.)

Me: “Okay, what if the dimensions are different?” *this time I drew the rectangle but with different dimensions*

Boy: “But that’s different from what you just showed me! I hate math!” *walks out*

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