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Won’t Let You Let Your Hair Down

| Romantic | February 21, 2015

(My husband and I are cuddling before bed and saying sweet nothings. I am lying sort of on top of him with my arms around him. I have long hair pulled back in a ponytail that is hanging down in his face a bit.)

Husband: *spits out hair that stuck to his lips* “I love you, but I hate your hair.”

Me: *not moving* “Then let me cut it all off!”

Husband: “NO! I like you with long hair!”

Me: “Then embrace the hair.” *whispering* “Release the Kraken.”

(I flipped my hair up so the whole of the ponytail was dangling in his face and shook my head while making monster noises, and then dissolved in giggles. He was not amused.)

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