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Won’t Let That Stew

| Related | October 2, 2016

(My mom likes to make soup for dinner everyday, and her recipe is to throw all of the meats and veggies together at the same time in a pot and boil it for one hour in plenty of water. It comes out like sludge and tastes awful, and only my dad loves it.)

Dad: “Mm! Good hearty stew!”

Mom: *blushes*

Me: “Ugh.”

Mom: *to me* “Eat it! It’s not s***! Stop making that face! I slaved all day to makes this.”

Me: “Mom, you took an hour. I saw you.”

Mom: “Well, your dad likes it! It’s not bad! He taught me how to cook.”

Me: “Dad has no taste buds. He burned his off by eating spicy foods.”

(They laughed like I was joking, but I was serious!)

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