Won’t Let Him Make A Meal Out Of It

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(We have an event going on where we have our chain character dressed up to do a little something for the kids. There is a giveaway and some face painting, music, and coupons for free food in our store. We also have some coupons circulating in the mail that many people can bring in, as well. It is packed, with barely any elbow room for anyone. A man has brought his family for the event and he has a coupon from the mail. It states in large letters, “Buy one meal, receive a free sandwich.” Simple enough, right? He puts in his order and I read it back to him, and he says okay and pays. After I hand him the receipt and his drinks:)

Customer: “Excuse me, you forgot a cup.”

Me: “Oh, I’m so sorry. Let me double check.”

(After looking over the order, I determine that I have given him the right amount.)

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, I only rung you up for that amount of drinks. Would you like me to charge you for another one?”

Customer: “No! I want what I ordered!”

(He looks over the receipt and finds the issue.)

Customer: “See here! You only put the sandwich for free! It was for a free meal!”

Me: “No, sir, this coupon has come through many times and I assure you: it is to buy a meal, get a free sandwich.”

Customer: “No, you’re wrong, b****!”

(I am taken aback by his rude comment and I have no time for this because I have more customers to assist.)

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, I’m not. Next!”

(Luckily, he left it at that.)

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