Won’t Lego And Listen

| Working | February 11, 2014

(I’m picking up a video game my brother ordered online. When I approach the customer service desk, there are three employees working the front and two customers in front of me. After waiting a few minutes I go up to pick up my order.)

Me: “Hello. I’m here to pick up—”

Employee #1: “One moment, sir.”

(I assume he’s going back to restock, instead he turns around and spends 10 minutes gossiping in front of me with a coworker about some very promiscuous girl they know.)

Employee #1: “All right, sir. How can I help you?”

Me: “I have an online order to pick up. It’s—”

Employee #1: “Can I have your name?”

Me: “Well, I’m [Name], but the order—”

Employee #1: *throwing up his hand to stop me* “I don’t see that name on any of the online orders. Are you sure you ordered at this branch?”

Me: “Yes. If you will please—”

Employee #2: “Well, your name isn’t on the list, so you might want to check again.”

Me: “Listen! This order is for my brother, [Brother]. If you will look up the order you’ll see my name as the alternate for pick up.”

Employee #1: *glaring at me now* “Well, you don’t have to be so rude about it.”

(Instead of going to the back where all the pre-ordered items are supposed to be held, he instead heads to the other side of the store. I spend another five minutes waiting before he finally shows up with the game and, oddly enough, a 350+ piece Lego set.)

Employee #1: “Here’s your order.”

(I’m a bit confused since my brother only mentioned the game.)

Me: “Are you sure? Can I get a receipt with this?”

Employee #1: “We don’t give receipts for online orders. Now, if you’ll please move, sir, you’re wasting everyone’s time.”

(I simply walked out rather than try to correct him. I found out later they never charged my brother for the Lego set.)

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