Won’t Land Him A Job

| Working | March 3, 2015

(I answer the phones for an oilfield service company in an area that has seen a boom in a particular area. There have been many news stories about how many workers are needed, for companies, for this particularly fruitful land formation.)

Me: “Hello, this is [Oilfield Company]. How can I help you?”

Guy: “Are you hiring?”

Me: “Well, this location is not hiring but other locations may be. You need to go online to [Website] and click on careers.”

Guy: “Is this how you get a job at [land formation]?”

Me: “Well, our company does have people at that location, but this branch does not. You really will need to go online to [Website] to see which branches are hiring.”

Guy: “What is [land formation] hiring for?”

Me: “[Land formation] is not a company, sir. It’s a physical location where companies put their rigs. You have reached [Oilfield Company Branch] and so I really can’t speak for the other [Oilfield Company]’s branches or the other companies doing work out there.”

Guy: “The paper told me that [land formation] has a lot of jobs and I need to know where to apply.”

Me: “Well, our company does have a presence at the [land formation] so you can go to our website.”

Guy: “But you’re not [land formation], right?”

Me: “Right. We’re an oilfield company, not a land mass.”

Guy: “But the paper said that [land formation] was hiring. Can you tell me where to call?”

Me: “There is no particular place to call. Many companies have wells at that location.”

Guy: *getting frustrated* “I can’t understand why you won’t give me the number for [land formation]. I need a job. I’ve been out of work a while and I don’t understand why everyone is so unhelpful.”

Me: “[Land formation] doesn’t have a number, sir. It’s a physical place, like a mountain or a lake, not a corporation. You cannot get a job with [land formation]. It doesn’t have management. You need to apply to companies in order to work there.”

Guy: “Well, I’m going to get a job with [land formation]. If you’re not going to help me I will find someone who will!” *hangs up*

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