Won’t Float Your Boat

| Friendly | August 6, 2016

(I’ve gone for a swim. Since the sand is hot, I wore my sandals up to near the edge of the water and left them there. When I come out some people have set up towels around where I left them so it’s not easy to find them immediately. I spot a pair of sandals near a small inflatable boat and go to see if they’re mine. They aren’t, but a woman sitting nearby with a toddler figures out what I’m doing. The toddler has been glaring at me angrily the entire time.)

Woman: “A pair of slippers? Over there.” *points*

Me: *seeing them* “Oh, thank you!” *I go to pick them up*

Toddler: *still giving me a death glare* “DON’T TAKE MY BOAT!”

Woman: “He’s not taking your boat…”

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