Won’t Be Party To Your Attempt To Party

| Working | April 18, 2017

(My friend and I used to work for the same retail shop. I left a few months ago to accept a job in the field that I studied at university. My friend is doing the same, but her hours are very open for work. They have recently hired a new manager who is less than accommodating, though. My friend is usually very good at taking on hours and meeting requirements for hours set by the new manager. Often she is the go-to for covering shifts when people cannot attend. However, recently she needed a few days off to attend an important event, and had asked for her entitled annual leave. She never asks for time off and she has always picked up shifts to help out where she can and she has for months. This is the first time she has dipped into her annual leave… and this is what happens.)

Friend: *to manager* “I noticed that my annual leave has been approved, but I am still rostered for these days?”

Manager: “Oh, yes, well we have no workers available, so we will pay you out for those days as annual, but we need you to work.”

Friend: “That isn’t how annual leave works. I shouldn’t have to come in if I’m getting paid my annual leave. And why do I not get it off?”

Manager: “Well… [Coworkers #1, #2, #3]—” *notorious for showing up hungover or not at all on shifts* “—asked for it off this week.”

Friend: “But I asked for it weeks ago? It was approved! And it is for my brother’s wedding! They only asked for it off this week because [Coworker #1] has some party on!”

Manager: “Well, I’m sorry; I’m not in charge of the rostering.” *lies*

Friend: “My annual leave was approved, though. I’m not working when I’m getting that paid out! And I’m not coming to work. It’s my brothers wedding!”

(This went back and forth for a bit, apparently. My friend refused to show up and the manager threatened disciplinary action. Thankfully, my friend was smart enough to threaten union action and the disciplinary was was magically waived. She complained about the manager and the staff after it showed up online that the manager had attended Coworker #1’s party and the stunt they tried to pull regarding annual leave. Still waiting on a result. My friend recently graduated and will be leaving this job soon!)

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