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Won’t Be (Multi)Tasked Again

| Learning | April 21, 2015

(My history teacher in 10th grade is very snotty and always likes to embarrass students. He is also a rather poor teacher who just hands out notes to copy and gives tests. Today is test day and he is giving a review before lunch. He has also handed out the next set of notes to copy when we finish the test. I try to get ahead by starting to copy the notes while he is giving the review and making a note of answers on a separate piece of paper.)

Teacher: *finishes review* “So, I know many of you don’t think this isn’t important to participate in and just want to finish the class.” *he pauses then yells* “[Student]! What is the answer to number one?!”

Student: *startled and looks up from paper* “Uh, what?”

Teacher: *looks smug and goes on rant about why it is important to listen and do the review. I am still copying notes* “[My Name], what is the answer to number two?”

Me: *I briefly look at my paper* “44. And it’s called multitasking.”

(He never called on me again.)

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