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Won’t Be Long Before You Break Again

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I am the author of this story of a previous associate that, after making a big deal of legal breaks and scheduling, claimed to my store manager that I had fired her. I became involved in a minor HR case that was tossed out the window due to no evidence that such a thing had occurred. I haven’t thought about this associate in years, but I definitely remember her.

One night, I get called to customer service to help dispute a customer’s problem with our return policy. Lo and behold, it is the former employee that is berating my cashier. We lock eyes and she immediately shuts up. Feelings of irritation bloom, but I push them aside and put on the best, overly-sugary customer service voice that we all have.

Me: “All righty, what can I help out with?”

Cashier: “She would like to return this belt. It’s broken, but there are no tags and no receipt.”

Customer: *Curtly* “Yeah, and you didn’t have any more belts, so I just want a refund.”

I take a look at the belt to see if there is anything we can do. The belt is completely destroyed; the buckle is torn off and there are tears connecting the holes. Our last-ditch option would be to find a belt on the sales floor, but since she said she didn’t find any in stock, she’s sealed the fact that she won’t be getting a refund.

Me: “Why, I’m surprised at you, [Customer]. You know our policies. You know we can’t return anything without the tags and receipt.”

Customer: *Glaring at me* “[Location] lets me return things without the tag or receipt all the time.”

Me: “Oh, will they? Well, I’ll have to give them a call and fix that problem. However, we won’t be returning this for you today. There is no way to get it back into our system without a receipt or a tag. Sorry about that.”

Customer: “You can’t look it up in the system or whatever?”

Me: “We’re not supposed to, but I could humor you. Which store did you purchase it at? What method of payment?”

Customer: “At [Location] with cash.”

Me: “Ah, I’m afraid we’re hitting a brick wall again. We don’t have access to [Location]’s purchases, and a cash tender won’t be enough to identify your previous purchases.”

Customer: “THIS IS F****** BULLS***!”

Me: “Please watch your language, [Customer]; this is a family-friendly store. I’m sorry we couldn’t resolve your issue today. Is there anything else I can do for you?”

She grabs her destroyed belt and stomps out of the store.

Cashier: “What just happened? She was cussing me out before you got here, and then she went silent.”

Me: “She used to work here a couple of years ago and accused me of firing her. She was mad because I wouldn’t let her go to lunch on a three-hour shift.”

Cashier: *Pauses* “I’m glad I never got to work with her.”

Won’t Be Long Before You (Lunch) Break

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