Won’t Be In The Class Upper Percentile

| Learning | April 6, 2014

(I’m teaching science. They’ve just finished an in-class test.)

Me: “So, I’m going to call your name, and you’re going to give me your score and your percentage so I can record them, okay?”

Class: “Yes, miss.”

(I start calling names and getting scores out of 12 and the appropriate percentage.)

Me: “[Student #1], what’s your score and percentage?”

Student #1: “I got 6 out of 12, Miss. I dunno what the percentage is.”

Me: “You got six. Out of twelve. You got half. What’s your percentage?”

Student #1: “Dunno, Miss. It’s hard, innit?”

Student #2: “Miss, I’d speak to [Math Teacher] if I were you…”

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