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Wonder Woman’s Outfit Is Much Skimpier Than I Remember

, , , , | Right | January 20, 2021

The comics store where I work buys card games and comics for either store credit or cash. We often have people bring in their collections to get them appraised or to just clear out of their house. One day, a customer in his early forties comes in with a long box of comics. It should be noted that I am the only female working in the store, and I am also only sixteen.

Me: “Welcome to [Store]! Looking to trade or get them appraised?”

Customer: “An appraisal, please. I have some Marvel and DC sets in here from the 1960s and ‘70s that I’m looking to try and sell online.”

Me: “Not a problem. Go ahead and put the box here and we’ll see what you’ve got!”

I start pulling out his comics, all bagged and boarded, without really looking at them. I suddenly realize that the boards and bags are the wrong sizes to be regular comics, and they feel heavier than they should. When I do finally look, my face, neck, and chest turn red from blushing.

Me: “Uh, sir… we… we don’t buy these kinds of magazines here.”

The customer looks down and stares at his collection of vintage Playboy magazines on the counter.

Customer: “Oh. My. God. I grabbed the wrong box. And I just showed my Playboy collection to a teenager. I am so sorry!”

Me: “It’s okay, sir. If you want to bring the right box back, I’d be more than happy to appraise comics for you.”

He quickly gathered his magazines back into the box and shuffled back out the door. He did come back later with his comics, as well as a bag of Hershey’s chocolates as an apology.

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