Women With Allure

| Romantic | April 13, 2012

(My roommate and I are both single for Valentine’s Day, so we decide to go fishing for men-folk. We each grab a large stick, some string, and bait (hers being a Star Wars book, mine being a One Piece DVD, a zippo, and a dogtag). We sit on a half wall outside our college cafeteria, and fish. She is a fairly relaxed fisher, but I wave my bait in the face of every passerby.)

Me: “Fishy, fishy, fishy!”

(Some people avoid all eye contact, lots ask what we are doing, and a few nibblers investigate the bait, but move on. One fishy, however, decides to jump into the ‘boat’ with us, and spent the rest of the time hanging out. We are now dating. Every now and then he smiles at me.)

Boyfriend: “I am so glad I decided to get caught on Valentine’s Day.”

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