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Women Are, In Fact, Very Much Human Beings

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I am one of two women in a job with an otherwise-male staff. Though I expected that to make things troublesome, the work environment is actually quite pleasant. However, there are some coworkers who are a problem — they are a problem to EVERYONE — and there is exactly one instance when my gender actually causes an altercation.

I go to the bathroom at one point during the day and come back to find [Coworker] standing at my desk, looking annoyed.

Coworker: “Where were you?”

Me: “Sorry, I was in the bathroom. Did you need something?”

[Coworker] glares at me but focuses on the task he needed me for and leaves.

As the day is winding down, I am called into [Manager]’s office to find [Coworker] already there, looking upset.

Manager: “[My Name], sorry to keep you. [Coworker] tells me that you were slacking off shortly after lunch. Care to tell your side?”

Me: “Shortly after lunch… You mean when I was in the bathroom?” *To [Coworker]* “I told you I was in the bathroom!”

Coworker: “There’s no reason you’d have to be in the bathroom!”

Me: “It was right after lunch! I had to take a s***!”

Coworker: “Women don’t have to s***!”

There is silence in the room for a long while. [Manager] and I trade looks of befuddlement, both of us trying to understand what [Coworker] has just said.

Manager: “…[My Name], you can leave now.”

I left the office as [Coworker] started speaking to [Manager] again, trying to imagine what kind of life he must have lived to be a grown man who thought that women don’t need to s***.

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