Wivout Grammer This Tital Wood Bee Fyne

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(I work at the customer service desk in a major bookstore. I’m helping a woman — who has explained that she’s heading back to school after a divorce — order some of her textbooks. Her daughter, who is in her late teens or early twenties, is also around, checking out things by the register.)

Daughter: “Mom! Can I have your card to get coffee? They’ve got a [Popular Coffee Chain] in here.”

(The mother hands over a card.)

Customer: “Okay, next is [English book with the word “Grammar” in the title].”

Daughter: *disdainfully* “Grammar is a social construct.”

Mother: “Go get your coffee.”

Daughter: “It’s just made up by the patriarchy as a way to keep non-native English speakers down!”

(The mother ignores her daughter and turns back to me.)

Mother: “I hope they don’t try to teach me any of that crap when I go back to school.”

Daughter: “Mom, how can you buy into this crap?!”

Me: “You realize literally every language has grammatical rules, right? Without grammar, language is nonsense.”

Daughter: “That’s racist!”

(The mother snatches her card out of her daughter’s hand and gives it to me.)

Mother: “You can have the coffee, instead.”

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