Within Striking Distance

, , , , , | Right | May 4, 2020

With social distancing in full swing, we have spaces on the carpet in front of the counter indicating every six feet so customers can keep their distance. One customer comes up to the pickup area and squirts several applications worth of hand sanitizer on her hands to the point of dripping.

Customer #1: “Hi. Do you have any thermometers in stock?”

Me: “I’m sorry; we’re sold out.” 

The customer grumbles and goes to turn around to leave but sees another customer about four feet behind her. She waves her dripping, sanitizer-covered hands around in surprise, causing some sanitizer to fling into the face of the customer behind her, hitting her eye.

Customer #1: “Social distancing! Social distancing! You need to stand back!”

Customer #2: “Lady, you just got hand sanitizer in my eye!”

Customer #1: “I don’t care! You could have killed me!”

[Customer #1] stormed off. [Customer #2] was fine but obviously confused as to why she was yelled at for basically standing there.

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