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With The Anti-Maskers, The Gloves Are Off

, , , , , | Right | January 12, 2022

I work in a bakery. I’m packaging up some bread when a customer asks me to box her up a cake from the cold case. I tell her I’ll be right there and go to change my gloves.

As soon as I turn around to where the gloves are, she starts ordering. I’m too far away to hear her.

Me: “Oh, sorry, one more second. I just need new gloves.”

Customer: “Oh, you don’t have to do that for me.”

Me: “I have to comply with the standard food safety rules.”

Customer: “I’m not worried about all that [health crisis] stuff. Masks don’t work, so I don’t care about any of that.”

Me: “I need to change my gloves because of cross-contamination. If I’m bagging up bread, I can’t use the same gloves for your cake.”

She said something else because she just had to have the last word, but I stopped listening. Did she think food prep workers wearing gloves started because of a disease?

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