With No Bacon, Comes No Responsibility, Part 2

| Working | September 5, 2015

(I am a vegetarian out to lunch with some friends. There is literally nothing on the menu that does not contain meat, and as I usually do when this happens, I try to order something and ask them to hold the meat.)

Me: “Could I please have the club sandwich, but with no meat?”

Waitress: “What do you mean?”

Me: “I would like a sandwich with everything on it that the club has, except for the meat.”

Waitress: “Okay…”

(The waitress delivers our food sometime later, and my sandwich has a nice helping of bacon on it.)

Me: “I’m sorry but I very clearly asked for no meat on this sandwich.”

Waitress: “Oh, I know! I had them leave off the ham and turkey!”

Me: “But there’s very clearly still bacon on it.”

Waitress: “You didn’t want bacon either? You didn’t say that!”

With No Bacon, Comes No Responsibility

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