With No Bacon, Comes No Responsibility, Part 4

| Working | August 2, 2016

(A new restaurant has opened up in town, so my boyfriend and I decide to try it out. He orders a sandwich while I get the bacon cheeseburger. After taking a bite, I realize something is wrong.)

Me: “Um, excuse me. There is no bacon on my burger.”

Waiter: “Um, yeah, we’re out of bacon.” *he walks away*

Boyfriend: “Well, that’s weird they didn’t tell you. Do you want to go?”

Me: “No, no, it’s not that big of deal.”

(Later, when the check arrives, we notice something.)

Me: “Hey, you overcharged us. You charged for his sandwich and the bacon cheeseburger.”

Waiter: *looking annoyed* “Yeah, that’s what you ordered.”

Me: “But it’s not what I ate; you ran out of bacon so I only had a cheeseburger. That’s a $3.50 difference.”

Waiter: “You ordered the bacon cheeseburger. You’re paying for the bacon cheeseburger.”

(Normally, I’d let it go but we asked for the manager. He agreed with the waiter and said that it wasn’t his fault we ordered something they ran out of! We never went back.)

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