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With Late Hour Comes Great Nobility

| Working | July 12, 2013

(After seeing a movie, I’ve just missed the last train back to my hometown. I start to panic slightly as the next one is not until 4 am, and I have work the next day. So, I jump into a hackney carriage but realize it’s the end of his shift, so I open the door to leave; he stops me.)

Cabbie: “Don’t worry about it. Where you going?”

Me: “Erm, [town], please.”

Cabbie: “Okey dokey, then.”

(We start to drive and I see the meter tick on upwards. I have recently lost my job, and the movie I saw was a treat from a friend. I look into my purse and see how little I have, and decide to stop him.)

Me: “Oh, you can stop here, thanks.”

Cabbie: “Oh… but we’re barely in [town].”

Me: “I know my way from here. Anyway, I only have a little cash on me.”

Cabbie: “I don’t mind stopping by an ATM.”

Me: “No… erm… this is all the money I have until I …erm… get my benefits. I just lost my job you see and… well, I missed the last train tonight because the tram was delayed.”

(I stay quiet for a moment to compose myself. Then, I try to hand him the money through the hole. )

Cabbie: “This trip is free of charge.” *turns off meter*

Me: “No, I insist. You’ve done me a service and I should pay you for it.”

Cabbie: “Look love, I’ll be honest: I had literally just finished my shift when you climbed into the back there. You have been nothing but kind. You are a young lady worried about getting home at 2 am and instead of insisting I take you home, you were going to leave and potentially be stuck in [town] for most of the night. You were also very honest. I spend most of my nights trying to MAKE people pay their fare!”

Me: “Thank you!”

(I’m in tears and still try to leave, but he stops me again.)

Cabbie: “Don’t be ridiculous! You wanted to go to [town] and I shall take you there!”

(The cabbie actually did drive me all the way home free of charge. I will never forget his kindness. I’ve since found a new job, but now, every time I get a cab, I give the driver a few pound extra for his trouble.)

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