With Great Power, Comes Great Irresponsibility

, | Working | August 2, 2013

(My coworker and I frequently talk about anything and everything nerdy from math equations to Marvel. Today we are discussing super powers again.)

Me: “There are just so many to choose from! I have dozens of role-play characters with such a wide range of powers; I don’t think I could pick.”

Coworker: “I understand the dilemma; I don’t think I could just choose one power. Or even a set of powers like Superman.”

Me: “Yeah and my problem is, even if I pick a power that seems like a super hero ability, I can instantly think of a way to turn it into a super villain plot to destroy the world!”

Coworker: “What about bringing people back to life, like people who died from cancer or heart attacks and stuff?”

Me: “Necromancy.”

Coworker: “…seriously?”

Me: “I know! I’m a super villain at heart!”

Coworker: “Nah! You’re more like an anti-hero. If you had super powers, I could totally see you like… stealing the Eiffel Tower and painting it invisible! ‘I have concealed the Eiffel Tower and hidden it somewhere in the world for you to find. Mwahaha!’.”

Me: “Yes! It’s happening. You will be my cohort and we are stealing the Eiffel Tower!”

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