With Friends Like These… You Might Literally Die

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Years ago, my wife had to have major surgery, and afterward, she got a MRSA infection. I couldn’t take any more time off work, so one of our friends said she could come up and help. We paid for her plane ticket and everything while she was up with the idea that she was supposed to help my wife with her medical needs while I was at work. Here are some of the things that happened:

1: Almost every night when I came home from work, the lady would be sitting on the couch. I would ask if my wife had eaten all day and taken her meds and do her infusion of antibiotics. Every night, I was met with the same answer: “Oh, I forgot,” or “Oh, I haven’t done it yet.” It was supposed to have been done hours before.

2: When I was home at the house, she would dominate my time. I would be trying to help my wife bathe or use the commode or dealing with her antibiotics and other meds, and our friend would interrupt. “I can’t get the TV to work.” “When are you making dinner?” “The dog is acting like she needs to go outside.” All the while she was sitting on her butt not doing anything.  

3: The last day, when I told her she was leaving, I came home and I found her sitting in the dark with the TV on super loud. I went to check on my wife to find out she was crying in pain because she’d had no meds since I’d left. In addition, she had peed herself and the bed because she couldn’t get up fast enough and couldn’t get the friend to come help her because the friend was on the phone.  

After I cared for my wife, I got livid. I turned off the TV and took away the remote and told her to pack her things. I was going to arrange for her to fly home that night. She actually had the nerve to get mad at me; she said that I wasn’t being a good host and that she had come up for a nice visit only to be ignored by me and my wife. I couldn’t even come up with a response to that one, just stood with my mouth open. After I got her out of there and got someone different to care for my wife during the day, things went much better and my wife recovered.

A few years later, my wife had to have another surgery. And this lady found out and called us and asked me if I wanted her to come up and help my wife again like she did the time before. I simply told her that her type of help almost killed my wife last time and I didn’t think we’d be needing her this time, and I hung up.  

I don’t even understand the type of “friend” who thinks this is an okay situation.

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