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With Big Money Comes Big Entitlement

, , , , | Right | December 9, 2021

I work at a beachside timeshare resort in Florida. With big money comes big entitlement, and whooooo, boy, is the entitlement strong with these folks.

In the span of eight hours last night:

A guest stopped me during my rounds and made light conversation. They asked for my name; I gave them my first name. They asked for my last name, as well; I refused, citing that I was uncomfortable giving that information out on the job. They then asked for my badge number and what entity I was employed with. I said I had no badge number; it’s private security contracted out to the resort. They walked away after that and went right to the front desk, where they filed a complaint because I didn’t give them my last name or badge number.

Another guest got mad because I had apparently “sniffed” my nose at them as I walked by. My allergies are acting up right now.

A guest asked for an extra blanket. I found one and brought it to them. When I got there, they asked, “Can I have a pink one, instead?”

Someone lit off fireworks somewhere off of but close to the property. Guests called the front desk and asked for security to shut down the fireworks; it was 1:00 am so that’s understandable. When I said the fireworks were not on property, a guest said, “I’m calling someone who can actually do their job.”

Amidst a chaotic and frustrating night, I did have some time to finally sit down and breathe. A guest saw me, took a photo, and said they were showing management that I was sitting on the job.

I would leave today if I wasn’t the only one on this post.

Question of the Week

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