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With Bad Customers, It Never Rains But It Pours

, , , | Right | September 7, 2020

As a customer, 99% of the time I am patient, polite, try to be friendly, and smile. And that is because of the first five years of my working life spent in public-facing jobs: retail, food service, and (horrors!) an amusement park.

One rainy day, while I am working in the foodservice location (doughnuts, pastries, coffee, etc.), a “lady” comes in looking angry.

Me: “Good afternoon, ma’am, how may I—”

She then throws her purse onto the counter and angrily asks:

Customer: “Why is it raining?!”

I really wanted to say “The flowers are thirsty?” but for the sake of my job, I didn’t say anything!

Question of the Week

Have you ever met a customer who thought the world revolved around them?

I have a story to share!