Wishing The Boss Was ‘Not Here’

| Working | July 31, 2017

(The history park/open air museum where I used to work has several bedrooms in case school classes or re-enactors have to stay for several nights. However, this all has to follow strict requirements due to safety, in case of emergency. When a huge group comes over, some of the bunk-beds have to be moved from storage to an approved room. When a group leaves, we put the beds back into storage, so that they won’t absorb too much space unnecessarily. One day, we are doing that again, while suddenly the park’s director comes in.)

Director: “Don’t put those here! You can’t put those here! This isn’t the right place! They have to be put somewhere else!”

(Nothing new. The man is a very loose cannon, always changing plans at the last moment and interfering without knowing all the facts. Also, he isn’t very resistant to stress.)

Colleague: “All right, where do we have to put them, then?”

Director: “Not here!”

Colleague: “Yes, but where do we have to put them?”

Director: “Not here!”

Colleague: “Where, then?”

Director: “NOT HERE!”

(In the end, we just put it in the next room, hoping he wouldn’t return to mess us up again.)

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