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Wish You Could Zipline In And Out Of The Store

, , , , | Right | October 22, 2020

I put in my vacation for a week off starting last Monday. My mother and I decided we would go ziplining on Tuesday so we decided we needed matching outfits and I needed a new pair of tennis shoes. We naturally went to my retail job where I get an employee discount. While I am shopping around, in a normal outfit of short shorts and T-shirt, I come across the following exchanges.

Customer #1: “Oh, hey, [My Name]! Aren’t you supposed to be working this time of day?!” 

Me: “Normally, I am! but I’m on vacation and picking up a few things for the ziplines tomorrow!” 

Customer #1: “How exciting! I’m glad to see you have a week off. You’re always here!”

I continue to another part of the store because I realize I need to pick up a few things for my nephew’s and brother’s birthdays which are coming up.

Customer #2: “OH! [My Name], I don’t mean to bother you while you are obviously off, but this toy is missing a few pieces from it; could I get a discount?” 

Me: “Certainly! Just tell your cashier up front that it’s missing pieces and they will give you a discount!” 

I am getting tired of being recognized but I understand it.

Customer #3: “[My Name]! Did y’all get a truck in today?”

I look through the stock room door and see everyone working.

Me: “Yes, we got one into today. They should be pulling everything out by one or two pm, or even earlier depending on staff.”

Eventually, Mom and I looked at each other and decided to get out of the store as quickly as possible.

Question of the Week

Have you ever served a bad customer who got what they deserved?

I have a story to share!