Wish You Could Weed Out The Bad Customers

, , , | Right | June 13, 2020

I work for a gardening service. A new customer has called to complain about the state of their yard.

Customer: “This is a bunch of bulls***.”

Me: “I’m sorry?”

Customer: “My yard looks like absolute s***. I thought you were going to be fixing this.”

Me: “Well, what’s wrong with it, sir?”

Customer:Everything! There are still weeds all over the place!”

Me: “According to our records, you just signed up with us two weeks ago.”

Customer: “Yeah, so?”

Me: “And we just made it out a week ago to do your first lawn application.”

Customer: “Yeah, and?”

Me: “How long had it been since you’d done anything with your yard?”

Customer: “Three years. What does that have to do with anything?”

Me: “You expected us to fix in one visit what has built up for at least three years?”

Customer: “Just fix it!”

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