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Wish you Could Turn The Tables On This Somehow

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I work as a faculty assistant. In early 2020, one of my professors ordered a set of nesting tables for her office. When the tables arrived, we discovered that they were both the same height. The company asked only for a picture to prove this and said they’d send the correct (shorter) replacement out. About a week later, states began going into lockdown due to the health crisis, and the company reached out to say that the delivery would obviously be delayed.

Fast forward eighteen months. Since neither of us has been in the office all that time, my professor and I have both forgotten the incident entirely until I get an email from the company asking if I’ll be available on a specific day to accept delivery. As it happens, I won’t be — we’re on a hybrid schedule and it’s my remote day — but I make arrangements with a colleague to let them into the office. That evening, I get an email from her.

Colleague: “I left [Professor]’s key on your desk. I think you’ll have to contact [Company]; they brought the wrong table again, identical to the one she already has. The delivery guy and I walked into the room, he unwrapped the furniture, and we both just stared at it, dumbfounded. He went, ‘Umm… let me go make a phone call.’ He came back moments later, rolled his eyes, took the table, and said he would be back in touch, with apologies.”

I haven’t heard from them yet about rearranging the redelivery. Hopefully, it’s not another year and a half.

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