Wish You Could Send Her Back To The Silent Era Of Cinema

, , | Right | March 11, 2020

(I’m in a movie theater with my brother, watching a movie. The girl behind us is being very obnoxious, talking loudly.)

Girl: “This movie is soooo fake.”

(I turn around and glare, but she just looks at me blankly.)

Girl: “Oh, look at the realistic character! Yeah, right!”

(Several other customers tell her to shut up, but she just looks at them blankly back and continues to jabber on and on to herself. Finally, someone goes to get an usher, but before they return, the movie ends.)

Girl: “That movie was the pits! Horrible acting!”

(We all watch as she goes straight to the customer service desk and demands her money back.)

Girl: “I wasted my money for this dumb movie; I want a refund!”

Me: “Don’t give it to her.”

Girl: “Butt out, whore!”

Me: “She was talking throughout the whole movie and ruined it for the rest of us.”

Clerk: “Is this true, ma’am?”

Girl: “No! And even if it was, I have a right to speak my mind if I want to! It’s my right!”

(The other movie watchers agreed with me and the clerk finally decided not to give her a refund. The girl threw her popcorn everywhere and stormed out, swearing not to come back. And she hasn’t; the clerk told me later that she was banned!)

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