Wish You Could Give This Customer The Boot

, , , | Right | August 23, 2020

The shoe store I work for requires us to bring at least four shoes to a customer, even if they ask for fewer. I bring out three shoes the customer asked for, as well as a fourth of my choosing.

Me: “And here’s a similar style for you to try on if you’re interested.”

The customer looks intently at the shoe.

Customer: “No, thanks. That’s not really my style.”

Me: “All right, I’m going to ring up another customer. Let me get these shoes out of your way.”

I come back in just a minute or two to ask how the shoes feel, having just put the others away.

Customer: “These are great, but I really like this one. Can I try it on, too?”

She holds up the shoe I JUST showed her that she said she didn’t like.

Me: “You sure can.”

My manager was in the back room doubled over laughing.

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