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Wish You Could CTRL ALT Delete This Convo

, , , , , | Right | July 23, 2022

A customer rushes in with a laptop.

Customer: “If I delete everything on here and restore it to factory settings, does it delete all the files?”

Me: “That’s usually how it works.”

Customer: “And no one can recover them?”

Me: “Unless they’re in the cloud, then usually no.”

Customer: “I need more than ‘usually no’. I need ‘definitely no’!”

Me: “Well, I—”

Customer: “And I need you to make it happen now.”

Me: “But I—”

Customer: “And you can’t tell the police I was here.”

Me: “Why would—”

Customer: *Pointing to our CCTV* “And you need to delete that footage, too!”

Me: “I… don’t think I can help you, sir.”

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