Wish You Could Cancel The Customer

, , , | Right | November 29, 2019

(I am checking out a customer.)

Me: “And over here on this screen—” *points to the screen* “—it’s going to ask you if you would like to apply for our store credit card in order to save some money on your purchase today.”

Customer: *without pressing a button* “No, thanks.”

Me: “Okay, just press ‘No, thanks’ for me.”

Customer: “Okay.”

(The customer hits the, “Yes, I accept,” button, which pulls up the credit card application. I quickly try to close out the application so I can resume the transaction, but such fast movement on the computer sometimes crashes it.)

Me: “Okay, it looks like we’re gonna have to move to another register, since this one froze.”

Customer: *makes some comment about the computers in a technology store needing to work better than they do* “Why did the computer freeze?”

Me: “Honestly, it’s because I told you to press the ‘No, thanks’ button, and you hit the, ‘Yes, I accept,’ so I had to quickly close out the credit card application, which froze the computer.”

Customer: *a little embarrassed* “Oh.”

Me: “That’s okay; we can try it again over here.”

Customer: “Okay.”

(I re-ring their transaction.)

Me: “Okay, and that credit card question is going to come up again, so just hit, ‘No, thanks.'”

Customer: “Okay.” *hits the “Yes, I Accept” button*

Me: *facepalm*

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