Wish You Could Ban(ner) Some Customers

, , , | Right | August 11, 2019

(This happens between a coworker and a customer; I just happen to overhear. We work in the copy department, and it has been exceptionally busy for at least a week. The customer wants a banner printed.)

Customer: “When would it be ready?”

Coworker: “Not until tomorrow afternoon, around four or five, at the earliest.”

Customer: “Why is it going to take that long?!”

Coworker: “Well, we have all of these orders to get through first before we could even start it.”

Customer: “I don’t want excuses! I’ve come here for the last three or four days, and the same thing! Stop giving me excuses! That’s unprofessional!”

Coworker: “Well, sir, you asked why it would take so long, and I’m being honest. There’s a lot of orders and [My Name] is just beginning training, so she can’t do most of them. And I helped you for 45 minutes the other day.”

(And he ended up getting nothing done.)

Customer: “Just stop giving excuses! Customers don’t want to hear excuses! Why can’t you just get it done now?!”

(I just don’t understand, as he had been in literally every day for a week for different things, why he didn’t just order the banner one of the previous three or four days.)

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