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Wish You Could Back Away From Their Backing Up

| Working | August 7, 2015

(I suspect my computer’s hard drive has died as it is giving every indication that the drive no longer exists. I take it to a computer repair shop.)

Worker: “It could be one of three things, but I suspect it’s the hard drive. If that’s the case, would you like us to try to recover your info?”

Me: “Sure, but I have everything backed up elsewhere, so I’m not too worried if it’s gone.”

Worker: “…Okay?”

(It turns out it was indeed a defective hard drive. I go in to pick up my laptop that now has a new hard drive.)

Worker: “So the bad news is that we were unable to recover any data. I’m really, really sorry.”

Me: “That’s okay. I have everything backed up.”

Worker: “I don’t think you understand. There’s nothing I can do. That information is gone.”

Me: “I understand completely. I have a backup on one of my external drives. All is well.”

Worker: “You know, you really should buy an external hard drive and back up your information regularly.”

Me: “Sir, please hear what I’m saying. I have already done that. My information is safe. I will be taking my laptop home and restoring everything that was lost.”

Worker: “You’re not hearing me. You’re going to open this laptop and it’s going to have no information on it. So this doesn’t happen again, why don’t you buy an external hard drive here?”

Me: *giving up* “No thank you. Can you please just let me know how much I owe for the repair and I’ll be on my way.”

Worker: “Your total is [amount].”

Me: “That’s about $100 more than I was told on the phone.”

Worker: “Well, that includes your new external hard drive you will need so this won’t happen again.”

Me: “Listen. I have tried to explain to you that I do not need an external drive. I already have one and have been backing up my information for years. Now, you are going to take that charge off my bill and I’m going be on my way.”

Worker: “I can’t give you a discount for the external drive. You’re going to have to talk to my manager.”

Me: “Yeah… I think that would be a very good idea.”

(The manager started down the same path. Thankfully, I was able to get his attention about halfway through the spiel and explain I just wanted to pay for the repairs. On my way out, the worker yelled after me that I really needed to back up my information. Sigh.)

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