Wish They Had Some Foreshadowing

| Friendly | February 22, 2015

(Two of my friends are in the student opera. I’m hanging out with one of them and she says she has a story to tell me from a rehearsal.)

Friend #1: “So, [Friend #2] and I are in the audience seats since we’re not in that scene, and we see this really strangely shaped shadow. And then we realized it was [Lead Male Actor]’s — well, let’s just say he’s a very ‘manly’ man.”

Me: “Oh, my God, really?”

Friend #1: “Yes, really!”

(Several weeks later, the same friend’s family comes up to visit her for the weekend and take a bunch of us out to dinner. Since they had just finished with the opera it’s fresh in their minds, so we’re talking about it.)

Friend #2: “And then, of course, there was the whole thing with the shadow.”

(At that moment, we all realize that Friend #1’s mother is standing right there.)

Friend #1’s Mother: “What shadow?”

Friend #2: “Well, um, [Lead Male Actor] is so tall that he kept casting shadows on [Friend #1] every time they were standing close to each other and they kept having to move them around so she’d be in the light.”

Friend #1’s Mom: “Oh, okay. I didn’t see any of that happening when I saw the performance. They must have known what they were doing when they fixed it.”

(We barely managed to wait until she walked away before we all almost died laughing!)

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