Wish They Could Take A Few Steps Further Away

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I’m a customer at a big-name bookstore, browsing, when I witness an older man getting help from an employee in the music/movie section.

Customer: “Can I pay for this record here?”

Employee: “No, sir, these registers haven’t been turned on today. I can ring you up over there, though.”

The man grumbles but follows.

Customer: “I guess people just don’t like vinyl. That’s why they stopped making them, you know, back in the day.”

The employee just makes non-committal sounds and I lose track of them as I go about my own business. However, as I head up to the register later, I see this man standing with his hands on his hips by the customer service desk.

Customer: “Where’s my copy? Hey! Where’s my copy?”

He practically barks at the girl on the desk. I have no idea what he is referring to.

Employee: “She’ll be right back with it, sir.”

He makes a disgusted sound and turns, looking fed up.

Customer: “Ridiculous.”

As I get to the line, I see him stalk toward someone and he instantly lights into her.

Customer: “You know this is unacceptable! Where is your store manager?”

Employee: “He’s in a meeting, but I’m a manager. I—”

Customer: “No, you write his name and number down. I’ll call him! I had to hoof it all the way from over there to here just to check out. That is plain ridiculous! You’ve lost a sale! You tell your manager you’ve lost a sale!”

Employee: “Sir, I think you should leave this store.”

Customer: “Oh, I will, and I won’t be back. I hope you go out of business!”

Employee: “Sir, you are being rude. Please leave.”

Customer: “And you can go to h***!”

He stalked off, muttering all the way out the door, while I and a few others in line just watched him go, shaking our heads and exchanging “Did that really just happen?” glances.

The manager sighed heavily and apologized to those of us nearby. I told her I was just glad that she could talk back to that guy and not put up with his nonsense. All that just because a few registers weren’t open during a slow day?

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