Wish There Was A Salesman Filtration System

, | Working | July 26, 2017

(Having grown tired of door to door salespeople knocking at all hours and waking my kids from their naps I place a sign on my front door explicitly stating we are uninterested in any sales pitches — specifically listing several that are well known scams. Despite this, there is a knock on the door. I find a woman standing there with a clip board.)

Woman: “Hi, we’re going around offering a free water filtration system due to bad water quality in the city.” *lie #1*

Me: *points to the sign on the front door*

Woman: “Yeah, I read that but I don’t think that applies to us.” *launches into sales pitch*

Me: *points out one of the specific scams listed that, while not exactly the same, is in the same family as her spiel*

Woman: “Oh, we’re not [Specific Scam].”

Me: “Close enough; we’re still not interested.”

Woman: *sale spiel* “—free water filter—” *blah blah* “—just need to come in and check the pipes.” *lie #2*

Me: *wanting to get rid of her* “Okay, leave me some information and if we decide to we’ll call you back.”

Woman: “Oh, I can’t do that. I only have [number] of pamphlets and if someone wants to sign up I need to give them one.” *lie #3*

Me: “Then I’ll look your company up online and call if we decide to do this.” *closes door in her face*

(I looked up the company online. Sure, the INSTALLATION of the water filter is free but there’s a $60/month rental fee for the equipment.)

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